Wilson Law Firm Probate Department - Decades of Experience

Our firm can assist you with many of your South Carolina legal needs.  For a more generalized overview, please visit our sister website, Wilson Law Firm. This website is intended to address common issues, and filing requirements, which confront the estates of non-South Carolina residents who died owning real estate in South Carolina.  This can include:

  • Review of deeds to detemine probate requirements in the event of a death
  • Joint Owner/Death Certificate filings
  • Preparation of Preliminary Estate Tax Notice to Probate Judge filing
  • Exemplification filings of out of state probate documents
  • Trust review and determination of its effect on South Carolina filing requirements
  • Small Estate Affidavit filings
  • Full ancillary probate proceedings in South Carolina
  • Preparation of Heirs Agreements to alter decedent's distribution plan
  • Transfer of South Carolina estate assets to appropriate beneficiaries
  • South Carolina Estate Tax return filings
  • Federal Estate Tax return filings
  • Determination of heirs

This is a brief listing of the procedures available to us to assist in clearing title to South Carolina real estate of probate and tax issues which have arisen as the result of an owner's death.  Once title has been cleared, our firm can also assist you with the closing of a sale of the property. Please visit www.timesharetitlesouthcarolina.com for information in that regard.